The Must Have Spices for Your Kitchen

Every kitchen needs a basic set of spices to create some of the world’s best dishes. But, some may lack herbs and spices that are required for all cuisines. If you want to expand your kitchen and make it possible to create more dishes from a variety of different cultures, then you should always have these spices on hand. They’re obviously not cheap, but they’re not the most expensive spices in the world. By adding these to your kitchen, you’ll be able to create many new and exciting dishes as well as continue to make some of your favorite. You’d be surprised by how easy it is to get these spices and seasonings from your local grocery store.

Bay Leaves

You should buy Bay Leaves when they are whole and dried. If you purchase leaves that are already crumbled up, then they will lose their flavor. You can opt to purchase fresh ones. However, the dried ones are cheaper and easier to attain. They may seem like a spice that isn’t needed, but they give a wonderful undertone to soups and stews.

Black Peppercorn

Switch your regular black pepper to black peppercorns. These are usually best when purchased whole and in a pepper grinder. They will give a nice kick to your dishes, and you’ll only have to use a bit to get a fist full of flavor.


You can find Korintje Cinnamon in bulk at a variety of different grocery stores. It’s usually ground and can be used in some different baking scenarios.

Coriander Seed

Coriander seed is a whole spice which is used to add a little bit of sweetness to them. You can usually find these either ground up or whole. More details.

Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika is used in some different dishes. It gives a new depth of flavor and should not be confused with regular paprika. Smoked paprika gives dishes a smoky flavor and is very pungent.


Dried Oregano should also be kept in every household. It’s used in some different dishes and one of the staple natural organic spices when making Eastern European foods.


Ground Nutmeg can smell amazing if gotten fresh and it can be added to a variety of different dishes and drinks. You may think Nutmeg is only used for baking. However, it can be used in some savory dishes as well.


Basil can also be used in some different dishes. However, it tastes the best when fresh. You can find fresh basil in the vegetable section of your grocery store, and it usually lasts up to a week. Use it in some different dishes or use it as a topping to pizza, pasta, or soups.


Never underestimate what minced garlic can do. It’s not only healthy for your body but also gives a punch of flavor whenever you need it. It’s a staple in almost every type of culture and can be used on its own or mixed with other spices.


Dried onion can be more useful than fresh. While it may seem more practical to keep fresh onion on hand, you can opt for the dried version. You may have to use more onion flakes when you’re using dried, however, it still gives a wonderful onion undertone to any dish.

Cayenne Pepper

If you need a bit of spice in your life, then you should include cayenne pepper. It can be found in a variety of different spice levels and can be used to add some heat to a dish. If you’re not good with spicy spice food, then we suggest skipping this one.


Buy Himalayan sea salt or other rock salts. These can be heart healthy for you and add a bit of flavor to your food. It’s best to get them when they are in rocks and then grind them yourself. We’d highly suggest skipping the old table salt.


Lastly, add some ginger powder to your shelf. It can also be used in many dishes and can be a great addition to many hot drinks. Use it in any Asian cuisine either fresh or grated.


As you can see, there are so many fundamental spices you can keep in your cabinet. We highly suggest keeping this staple if you’re an avid baker or cooker. These essential herbs and spices can help you create some simple dishes while also adding a good helping of flavor. They’re all relatively cheap so you won’t have to be shoving out a lot of money to get them. Try finding all spice in San Fransico. Check out this site: