In our world today, it is alarming how depression keeps increasing. It is strange how though development is on the rise, technology is booming and life is made easier and faster, people still seem to be unsatisfied. This results to the increase in the number of Psychiatric Visits and the prescriptions of Anti-Depressants also invariably increases. However, we know how much side effects these medications could come with, and it would do us a great service to know alternative methods to deal with this problem. Below are five spices and organic herbs that were found to work for treating depression


This is a spice that is widely used in Indian, Spanish, Italian and French dishes. It has an aroma that is mind-blowing and it is said to be the “spice of happiness” in the Eastern World. Studies have shown that it can be used to replace prescription anti-depressants and its use has been on the spread ever since this discovery. Apart from dealing with depression, it has been shown to manage food-related psychological and psychiatric illnesses such as excessive snacking in between meals, which can in the king term lead to obesity and all the complications that follow. It is however not recommended for pregnant women and young children under six years of age.


This is a bright yellow spice that has a variety of benefits. From its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, to being a potent stimulator of serotonin release, it is an awesome spice. Serotonin is involved in the dynamics of depression and its depletion causes a barrage of depressive symptoms. You can already begin to imagine the great improvement stimulation of serotonin would cause. Research has shown that it is more effective than prescription anti-depressants. It is also one of the wholesale spices available in the market. Apart from that, it adds an awesome colour and taste to our cuisines. Click here.


Its aroma is really next to none. It keeps you craving for more! It can be used as sticks or in the grounded form. Whichever, the results are profound. It stimulates the brain and heightens concentration, understanding and memory. It also has the advantage of reducing cravings for sugars that are unhealthy, thereby reducing the risks of coming down with a number of non-communicable diseases like Diabetes Mellitus. Most depressed people come with symptoms of insomnia. This spice helps tackle that too and ensures a nice and refreshing sleep.


Though mostly used as a spice, it also serves as a staple in some parts of the world. The two most important elements it contains that are responsible for its anti-depressant properties are Lithium and Tryptophan. This is a precursor of serotonin. Apart from reducing the symptoms of depression, including sleep, it calms the nerves and stimulates the mind.


This is one of the very important spicely organics that are added to Mediterranean dishes, apart from its anti-depressive properties. It reverses mental fatigue and stress, calms the nerves and helps with a sound and refreshing sleep. Research is still on about the benefits of rosemary to health, but it has been recently confirmed that it plays a role in cognition too.


Instead of rushing to the prescription medications to treat depression, it would be good to know about the natural methods too, to avoid the side-effects that follow those medications. We can get the above at the San Francisco herb company. Find out more at