How to Identify Genuine Organic Turmeric?

The other day I was chatting with afriend in Australia about turmeric after mentioning sh has just bought some organic turmeric powder for a herbal company.I kept wondering how does she know itsorganic!

Most people fall into the trap of an “organic” product including turmeric. Before you pay a higher price for “organic” turmeric powder or supplement you need t know what makes your turmericorganic.

What do you need to care about when buying genuineorganic turmeric?

What is organic turmericpowder?

Any turmeric is grown not using any artificial pesticides, and mature can be considered organic. It isgrown using natural manure say compost. To control pest biological pest control methods are used rather than harmfulpesticides.

The organic farminginvolvedmethods such as crop rotation, salinity control of soil, turning soil after crops and predatory beneficial insects. This makes certain crop is weed free without necessary using pesticides.

The above task are not easy to undertake thus the end crop must be priced high;y. Organic products tend to be expensive.

Identifying genuine organic turmeric

A genuine organic turmeric powder brand needs to be certified as “organic” by a known and reputablegovernment agency. In the US  all organic product must be certified and get a USDA certification.  The USDA put a mark like to certify a genuinely organic product.

In othercountries, there are independent agencies who will work to certifygenuine organic turmeric powder. For example in Australia, the certification can be done by Australian Certified Organic, NASAA Certified Organic. So, when you buy your organic turmeric in Australia next time see if it is certified.

Before you buy turmeric check which institute the certification is, as the certification institute matters as much as certification itself!

There is also organic turmeric powder not certified, but stillorganic and you can buy it. This type or turmeric could only be one grown in front of you. You can alsosource from a person who growth it in a firm near you where you can chek how it was grown.

Simple ways to identify a good turmeric product

Other than checking the “organic” certification fromreputable agencies there isanother way you can ascertain a genuine product.

Here are some of the aspect too which should considerwhilebuying organic turmeric powder:

  • Avoid organic turmeric powder that has additives and fillers in them.
  • Avoid turmeric thathas magnesium stearate ( stearic acid) in them. It is potentially very
  • The capsule should be vegetable based. Best to avoid a gelatin-based.

It is great if your turmeric powderproducer can meet international standards set for food safety:

  • Hazards and Critical Control Points.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • ISO certifications for quality, safety and among other qualities.

To conclude:

To buy a great organic turmeric powderis to pay attention toall the above important aspects and tips. The most imperative being organic certification from a reputed agency in of country.This may mean that most of the turmericbrands you are buying right now will not qualify the organic tests. The urge for taking organic turmeric powder is to get best out of this best spice.

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